Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Friends, I have to admire the incomparable Ambrose Hofstadter Bierce, III. Looks like I've lured him, at least temporarily out of his adobe abode. He throws a little snark my way, but he's good humored about it. I was a fan of his short-lived blog and a few of you have already commented that he's inspired me, minus the fustian prose. He had a winning formula for sure.

Wish I knew who he was...or is. Still no one has 'fessed up to me yet.

Too bad he'd rather have his nose in a glass of tequila than in front of a typewriter. But good for me. Happy Holidays wherever you are AHB!


  1. Hi Vann. Oh good, you knew Ambrose. He is such an excellent man. But writing isn't his cup of tea.

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    Hello Vann. Is it true that Ambrose Hofstadter Bierce III, a clever purveyor of gossip about the history profession, retired before he really got going, in September 2008--after only a couple of months of juicy posts? Thanks!

  3. Well, I never heard of him before. but i salute how you adore the man. Thanks for sharing this one by the way.
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